About Us

About Us

With business agencies spreading like a wildfire at a swift pace in the Nepalese economy, the management, orientation and retrospective illumination of business affiliated resources and service have become very crucial. What is easier to put into words is very difficult to put into practice. Investors seek infinite new possibilities with minimum risk and maximum return, stakeholders look for high return on investments whereas the entrepreneur struggles to meet their demands.

Business Aflame is a budding concept that aims to effectively introduce business organizations and its counter parts to search and solve various seen and unforeseen circumstances with the help of experienced minds. It aims to further enlighten the scenario, assist lighter business entrepreneurs to expand their  circle and present the no-go as well as possible success trails in the business world. This project, as an extensive medium of communicative business enhancer, which will not only limit itself to exposing opportunities but will also very effectively assemble and motivate it’s working and creating forces, magnifying their credibility, work efficiency and possible future endeavors.

Who we are and What we will be doing?

Business Aflame is the startup of the youth who are passionate about the Business. Our main objective is to involve in the field of the business, engaging other passionate youth in business and helping them to overcome the problem by focusing in various business mantras by means of Reseach, Blogging, Workshop, Seminars and Other Events.

Along with that, we will also be working in the field of IT as well where we will be creating the website, maintaining every IT related problem and more importantly try to connect IT with Business.