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Do You Have the Quality to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Do You Have the Quality to be a Successful Entrepreneur?

Being a successful entrepreneur is challenging and not all can be the successful entrepreneur. The challenge is to be that out of the box thinker and give the market something new i.e. something they might have dreamt of or may not even have thought of in their dreams. Moreover being the successful entrepreneur even takes a lot of patience as one can't be successful in seconds after he/she has started some business or any new venture. Successful entrepreneurs possess following qualities:

  1. Passion: 

Successful entrepreneurs are passionate about their work. They keep on improving their work. In fact, they love their work. Late Steve Jobs would not have been a sensation in mobile industry if he had not been so keen in his works and worked for further improvement.

  1.  Understanding Failure is part of the game: 

Successful entrepreneurs know that failures are a part of entrepreneurship and they learn from the failure. Richard Branson said: “First few ventures work out. It is how beginning entrepreneur deals with failure, which tears persons apart. In fact, failure is a secret to success.”

  1. Creativity:

 Successful entrepreneurs are engaged in updating to something new. We can see Mark Zuckerberg not limiting Facebook to how it was in its start phase. He is bringing something new at the certain time.

  1. Self Starter: 

Entrepreneurs know that if they had to turn an idea into a business they need to start it themselves. Drew Houston worked the idea of Dropbox on single handily. He was tired of hauling around USB sticks and came up with an idea of Dropbox in 2007.

  1. Competitive: 

Entrepreneurs are always competitive. They do not prefer the monopoly. Dropbox would not have got to height if Drew Houston withdrew the venture after going head to head with Steve Job’s cloud.

  1. Highly Adaptable: 

Successful entrepreneurs must be highly adaptable so that they can keep track the on going competition and their competitors. Facebook is the number one social networking site because Zuckerberg was not static and he adapted with the changing technological environment thereby upgrading Facebook.


Hence, it's not just about being creative to be one successful entrepreneur. One should be highly tolerant and patience and should not give up even if he/she has to see failures for some years to be a successful entrepreneur.


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